Millions of American homeowners would get a new standard for determining whether their monthly mortgage payment was made on time–or late–under a bill that’s. the company’s 1.15 million mortgages.

We’re talking a percentage of the mortgage payment, such as 5%. So if your monthly mortgage payment is $3,000 a month, that’s $150 smackers. And if you wait too long to make a payment, typically 30+ days beyond the due date, it could eventually be reported to the credit bureaus as a late payment, which will really hurt.

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For example, if you apply for a $250,000, 30. be considered excellent credit. If you currently have an above average or excellent credit score, it’s important to maintain it. Far too many people do.

 · Often, lenders and credit providers won’t report missed payments until they are at least 30 days late. This means that even if you miss your initial due date, you can still avoid a hit to your credit score by paying before 30 days pass. But first consider these variables.

 · Best Answer: I think that they would not consider foreclosure until you are 180 days past due. A past thirty days late will wind up on your credit report, but they’re not going to take your home over it. Maybe you should call and explain the situation to them and warn them that you’re going to be late.

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As previously mentioned, anything over 30 days is considered a late payment from a credit profile perspective. This is not the kiss of death necessarily, but you should be very careful not to get another 30 day late (known as 2 times 30) or keep paying 30 days behind (known as a rolling late payment).

 · If you fail to pay, and then miss another payment, things get more complicated. When you miss a second mortgage payment, you will receive a “demand letter” from your lender. You will typically be given 30 days to clear your outstanding balance, after which time your lender will take their grievance to the next level.

 · As long as it posts before your next statement cycle, you should not be considered 30 days late. I can’t speak for sure about your bank, but I worked at two different banks and the concept of 30 days, 60 days, etc. always applied to months. When you miss your first payment you are in the first delinquency bucket, which is 1+ days delinquent.